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About Virtual Unity


Robert Akers

Robert Akers is a public speaker and teacher who has been part of the ministry team of Unity of Asheville for almost 20 years. A published author of two novels, 12 Minutes and Final Future: the Ancients Return plus several plays, Robert is also a songwriter and musician and has acted in over 30 plays and movies earlier in his career.


He was introduced to Unity concepts in childhood and was fortunate to have had many great spiritual influences during his life. Robert believes that we are all students and teachers sharing experiences on this spiritual journey together. His services are collaborative and celebrate the joyful, insightful, and compassionate nature of Spirit within us all.


Luanne Allgood

Luanne Allgood is a non-denominational minister and has been with Unity Church of Asheville for 5 years. She has been featured on the NBC Nightly National News “Making A Difference” segment, in USA Today, and has received a Leave a Legacy award for her dedicated and creative work with the homeless and other disenfranchised people. She is known for inspiring and motivating others to live happier and more productive lives.

She teaches in Paul Ferrini’s international virtual community. Paul is a renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author of “Love Without Conditions." Currently, Luanne is enrolled in a two year program with Mark Nepo who has authored 12 books and is best known for his New York Times #1 bestseller, The Book of Awakening.

She has participated in spiritual retreats at Findhorn and with: Paul Ferrini, Adyashanti, Pema Chödrön, Jack Kornfield and Mark Nepo.

Password for Zoom session: 2021

If you don’t have a smart phone or computer, you can dial in with your telephone: +1-301-715-8592
Enter Meeting ID: 835 3293 2982 and then press #. When it prompts you for the password, enter 2021 and press # again.

What people are saying about Virtual Unity

“The biggest reason I love Virtual Unity is the gathering of like minded people and the messages are actually useful in one's life.”

“I love Virtual Unity because it is a very easy way to have a spiritual "tune-up" every week. The talks are always inspiring and are delivered by knowledgeable and loving ministers. Great music, meditation and interesting readings add to the uplifting experience. Virtual Unity also helps me maintain a connection to my spiritual family at a time when in-person church attendance is not an option. It is wonderful!”

“I love Virtual Unity for 

- the meaningful, enriching messages, readings and carefully chosen music each week.

- the feeling of acceptance, inclusiveness - a feeling of sincere community

- after the service being in a contemplative state of mind and peaceful.

- I appreciate the absence of ‘hoopla’, rigid formality, extra business/activity and noise”

“Find yourself among a group of kindred friends and seekers, experience wisdom and insight through talks, converse as discussion opens up the heart and revel in meditation and soul-filled music. I arrive open and leave filled for the week. For this I am grateful!  I landed at Virtual Unity during the pandemic. Looking for a church home, and have been drawn to visiting the Asheville area for a very long time. I was led exactly to where I was meant to be...Unity of Asheville. My heart is full each week, with a feeling much like I feel when I hike in those Western Carolina mountains. The universe feels close and I feel connected.”

“Why I love virtual Unity: It’s easy like a Sunday morning. The topics are wonderful and I learn something new or hear about an author of new interest and purchase one of their books. I now have a new library filled with great teachers inspired by you all. I love not having to get dressed up and drive although I so enjoy the idea of future gatherings. You all are my inspiration and my Sunday morning wake up call to our beautiful earth.”

“1. It's home base for the heart.

2. It's where to go when you need an answer to a question you didn't even know you had

3. It's inspirational and always serendipitously timely via mindful quotes, meditation, a powerful message, and a family of friends with whom to speak freely from the heart.

4. It's a place to give comfort and wisdom and food for thought, and a place to receive it as well.

5. It's like a fabulous family reunion once a week that you don't have to dress up for or leave your favorite chair.”

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